Color Consulting10 Fantastic Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2022

Restaurant interior design is a crucial aspect that plays an essential part in bringing the customers back. Eating or dining out is not only about enhancing and indulging your taste buds with the excellent food you order. A good review of the place will not fill up the surrounding delicacies. 

Knowing how to create a good environment through an appealing interior design compliments the menu and makes it easy. So from defining the color palette to choosing the right furniture, having a good interior designer such as Eric Breuer interiors is a good and wise choice that you would make to climb the restaurant business.

So why is it essential to make an excellent first impression involving Restaurant interior design trends? Let us find out. Furthermore, keep an eye on the blog’s bright and energetic ideas so you can redecorate your restaurant according to 2022 trends.

Importance of Restaurant Interior Design:

What is the first thing that a customer notices when they enter the restaurant? The ambiance, right? Then it is followed by the food and service and later the kind of people who usually visit the place.


Many Restaurant Interior design tips focus on an integral part first. A good interior design is necessary for marketing. The photos or videos you publish on social media will significantly attract customers if they get impressed by the decor. The initial impact will also impact the turnover of the customers regularly.


Generally, different variations in the restaurant’s interior design trends work well. If you design a restaurant in one particular way and serve the food accordingly, it guarantees a good business. All this significantly affects the ultimate satisfaction and psychology of the people.


So let us now unlock the secrets to a good interior design for restaurants that will get you in the eyes of the food industry.

1. Typography:

Restaurant Interior Design Typography in Resturant

It is one of the most common and highly effective designs that work for all ages. Typography is a cross between graphics and typing, hence typography. Many restaurants use typography on their walls, mainly on the entrance and on the restaurant’s main wall, where they put up their signature, diagrams and charts, and other ideas in typed form.

Generally, this type of design is termed old school but is considered the most effective and transforms the restaurant into a modern yet signature style.

2. Functional Layout:

Restaurant Interior Design functional layout in resturant

A good floor plan is highly essential in the restaurant business. Imagine seating and eating in a cramped place is not your tea. There are many Restaurant interior design low budget Ideas if you do not want to spend too much finance and want to revamp the place again in a few years.

To keep the impression first, follow these steps to have a good and functional floor plan.

  • Do not pack the tables tightly. It kills the convenience and liveliness of the place. Spread the tables to give a secluded idea to the customers.
  • Keep space for the restaurant staff to move around freely. A good Restaurant interior designer will design the place keeping in mind the movement of people as well.
  • Divide the area between the bar and the restaurant. The bar is usually noisy; hence keeping it separate for diners is better.
  • Open restaurant design ideas are highly welcome if you have an open space or a rooftop. A gentle breeze and a serene view while having delicious food will become a heavenly experience.

3. Create a Theme:

Restaurant Interior Design resturant theme resturant interior design trends

If you have a theme tucked away in your Creative restaurant interior design file for your restaurant, then now is the right time to put it into action.


Following are the most popular themes in California right now but try to pick a theme that is not overboard.

  • People are in love with pirates these days. Revamp your restaurant in the same way and hang decor items as you would see in the movies. Even select the furniture accordingly.
  • The next can be the aviation theme. Children usually love planes and love to sit in them.
  • Go for something beachy and sandy if you are near the coast.
  • Many diners love to become a part of the corporate world. If you have a sophisticated place, turn it into a bank, office, or meeting room/cabin.
  • The vintage never fails to attract food lovers as well.

4. Show-Stopping Lights:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you greeted your customers with some show-stopping lights when they entered the restaurant? Imagine highlighting the diners when they are eating. It would be fun for youngsters, and they would love it. Generally, lights are a crucial part of any eatery, so have some special beams or place spotlights along the pathway.

You can contact the best Restaurant interior designer, such as Eric Breuer interiors, for other brilliant ideas.

5. Present History:

Restaurant Interior Design Historical theme Resturant

People create a sense of longevity in a restaurant if the place is open and there for a long time. They are generally happy to see the history you present through various ideas. You can present the struggles and achievements of your family business through pictures on the walls, personalized table covers, and even decor. It works even if you have Open restaurant design ideas.

6. Personalized Menu:

Restaurant Interior Design personalized menu for resturant

There are not many restaurants that offer their customers to have fun creating a personalized menu. The idea may seem weird, but it works wonders.

Now there are two ideas that you can follow.

  • First, you want to control the menu and make it memorable. Keep particular days for specials such as Mondays for steaks and Tuesdays for bar bq. It would attract specific food lovers.
  • Next, ask customers if they want a change in the menu for one particular day. They can book this in advance. It will work, so consider it for Restaurant Interior design tips.

7. High-Grade Furniture:

Restaurant Interior Design high-grade furniture resturant interior design

You can get good furniture, Restaurant interior design, and even a low budget. Remember, furnishings are a significant investment, and you won’t be able to buy new every time you feel like it. It will increase your profitability if people are comfortable while sitting and come back for a better experience.


The type of furniture required for the restaurant depends on the theme. If it’s corporate, then place sophisticated tables and chairs, and if it’s casual, then seclusion is a good idea. Place some sofas with round or large tables for more prominent families to hang out together.


The trend to have good furniture never dies, so think carefully before making the purchase.

8. The Environmentalist Secret:

Restaurant Interior Design Environmental Resturant interior design

Indoor plants and green decorations are naturally welcome, especially for people who want to be near nature. A good Restaurant interior design trend means you can combine nature with minimalist ideas to have a perfect look.


Here you can decorate the spaces with lots of pots and plants but make sure they are all indoor plants and are relaxing for the customers. It will help purify the air and atmosphere and give a fresh vibe all day and night. Place some flowers for extra aroma and matching colors.

9. Classics Never Go Old:

Restaurant Interior Design Classic Resturant Design

There is a solid, valid reason why classical interiors are still in high demand. They exist for a reason, and many diners prefer only classics. The French Bistro, classic pizzeria, fish and chips, the grill, hotdogs, buns, and burgers with many options are good examples of classics.

An excellent Creative restaurant interior design is generally based on classic design and a menu.

10. Open Up The Kitchen:

Restaurant Interior Design Open Kitchen in resturant

An open kitchen plan is always great and works like a charm. Diners love to see what and how chefs are preparing the dishes. Moreover, many chefs feel proud to prepare signature dishes. It also creates drama and engages customers who appreciate artistry in presenting food.


The restaurant’s interior design trends mean an open kitchen for all to see what’s happening inside. Furthermore, live music can also lift the spirits of chefs while working and creates a good mood for all.


Your diners already love your delicacies and food, so why not give them something extra to remember? A good and warm welcome is ideal if you see Restaurant Interior design tips. Additionally, spicing decor along with the food now and then won’t hurt your business; it makes it profitable.

So think about redesigning the restaurant and contact  Eric Breuer interiors for the ultimate transformation you always dreamed of.