whole home remodel

Whole house remodel & new construction services.

Form and Function working together across the project including gorgeous designs for an efficient home.

Graceful designs for the minimalist home

Remodeling or building anew can be stressful. There are many decisions that you’ll need to make throughout the process and at times, the task will seem endless given the amount of research you may need to do to feel like you’ve made the right choices. I have a systematic design process that relieves anxiety and provides a step-by-step plan to getting you to the dream home you’ll always love. I’ll help you determine deadlines for decisions to help keep the project keep moving forward.


Book your complimentary discovery call.

In this short design session, I will get to know more about you, your space and what challenges you are hoping to solve.


I want you to have the most beautiful and functional home that reflects you, your style, and needs. With my process, I invite you to become a collaborator with my whole home interior design service.

This service includes:

Using state-of-the-art design software and your input, I’ll provide a design of your whole home in 3D including the recommended finishes, furnishings and décor.

With my detailed floor plans for kitchen and bathroom designs, I can help you to visualize how your new home and space will look with new materials and finishes.

Do you need help researching and finding the right furnishings, finishes, materials, cabinetry, fixtures, decor. – and more? I can bring you to showrooms that are exclusive to the design trade and not open to the public.

Do you have a contractor identified? I speak “construction” and work often with contractors to aid them in executing designs.

Are you looking for custom furnishings? I have exclusive sources of artisan furnishings found in Italy and throughout the world.

Fees will be calculated depending on project scope. Please book a complimentary Discovery Call so we may learn more about your project.


My Process always starts with a discovery call. This helps me understand the nature of your project and to what extent you are needing from a professional designer. I can then create a preliminary step by step program on my services and how it will help you achieve your goals.


Our  initial in person consultation is always best in your home. We will have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and desires where it will all happen, your environment. We will also have a greater understanding of the onsite conditions. I will also measure the effected area to create working plans for as built conditions that will be the basis of your design plans.

Do you have sketches? Wonderful. I will convert those to 3D ideas. Do you have old blue prints? Great. I will make copies and compare those to the new drawings. I will have a current floor plan so we can discuss preliminary ideas and discuss the scope of the design.

Design Development

After we have created the current conditions, I create the design based on the program and needs analysis. I include several other variations. We then schedule a call where I share my screen and we make instant design changes.

For design inspiration, I can create original photo-realistic images that reflect the uniqueness of your design.

Our design sessions are also in full color and can reflect the physical nature with the materials and the lighting as you would see it being there.

Design Presentation

After the design has been agreed on, I present the design in traditional architectural drawings and renders. You will see elevations, roof plan, cross sections, some ground and suggested landscaping. Several rendering styles to show the main idea and some photo realistic renders in perspective. This stage makes it easy to choose the surface materials. siding, roofing, framing and cladding, doors and windows and architectural details.

Final Design Concept

This stage makes it easy to choose how everything is going to look to choose the architectural and remodel surface materials, siding, roofing, framing and cladding, doors and windows and architectural details. Interior design details are chosen, stone, tile, flooring, window treatments, colors and finishes. we are at the preliminary phase of looking at furniture styles to compliment the rest of the home


After this point, we know how it is all going to look into the end! This phase we put it all together. We create the schedules of materials, finishes, details, quantities, spec sheets, locations, pricing, estimating and final estimating

Final Revisions and renders

Now we know how much everything will cost, we might need to take a second look and see if we need to make any final changes or revisions. We look at the plans again and do one final 3d walk through to make sure every thing fits and works with the design scheme.

Construction Documentation

Now you are almost ready!
Now we know what and where, we put it all together in a single plan for permit submittal or for your contractor.
These documents are construction documents that show what exists, what will be removed and were everything will be installed for your contractor. If you are seeking permit status we can work with your contractor or architect for permit ready documents.


I want your contractor to have all the information to start your project.
The other part are the furnishings, the soft furnishings and art and decor and window treatments.
I like them to be selected prior to your remodel but being delivered after the finish.
Through my trade agreements and vendors, we can select the furnishings and you can purchase them through us
We can arrange them to be delivered and you will soon be the proud owner of a new home that you will always love.

Ready to maximize your home’s potential?


I’m involved from creating a comprehensive design package as an output. Compiling the package begins with developing the design together and finishes with construction-ready documentation. I’ll be throughout the entire project timeline if you need me.
I’ll create an on-line customer portal for you so that we can collaborate and communicate effectively. This is a folder for sharing project related files such as plans, specification sheets and renderings.

I use innovative 3D architectural design software to provide different options and layouts for you. You’ll get to be part of the design process and will be able to visualize it as it’s being created.
My Master Design Plan will create a scope of work and design play book that removes the ambiguities from your project. No matter if your project budget is small or large, everything will be specified and accounted for. The result is a plan that is clean and avoids surprises, and that’s within the budget that you set.

Using 3D design software, I’ll create detailed drawings for your whole house remodel. As a building designer, I’m accustomed to creating plans for filing for building/remodeling permits. I’ll create “as-built” plans showing all existing windows, doors, fixtures, and interior finishes to match your existing space. 
Having detailed drawings helps your contractor provide an accurate estimate of their time and cost, and will be used to guide the remodeling process. All of my design plans meet the minimum design criteria for architectural standards. I use National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) standards when creating drawings of these rooms.
Drawings are accurate for the purpose for which they’re created. Some drawings are for design purposes only, and some are for construction documentation so must have greater accuracy. We’ll discuss which of the two you’ll need.

Yes. I’m not a licensed general contractor, so cannot hire sub-contractors or installers. I can, however, work with your contractor directly or recommend suitable installers and contractors through my network.

Yes. Consulting helps you plan your home renovation project without making costly mistakes. I bring the perspective of a designer who designs entire custom homes so I know how your needs must fit and work with greater plan.

After a discovery call, I’ll be able to develop a needs analysis to develop a scope of work. I then will create a detailed proposal based on one of my package.
I can offer some general figures for design services:
Full designs for a single room can start at $5,000.
Full home design fees for a complete remodel or entirely new construction can cost up to six figures. The latter would include extensive drawings for all rooms. Furnishings budgets can start around $15,000 for a large room like a living room. Furnishings for a full home can be around $150,000.

The sooner you can involve me, the more I can help. The perfect time for us to start working together is when your ideas are just getting started and nothing is set in stone.
I can’t wait to nelp make your home a place you love to live in!