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Design Smart, Design as you see it.

Too busy to do the research?

Do you have a thousand and one ideas but do not know where to start? With my process I eliminate all the ambiguities and create a clear road map to the final design.


Book your complimentary discovery call.

Book your discovery call. We will discuss your project, learn about what you need, and a scope of work how to get there.


We offer two different consultation styles depending on your goals.

Are you a homeowner or a builder planning a remodel and in need of help for deciding on how to start? My master design plan service might be the best plan for you.
I’ll help you determine the scope of the project and will create a preliminary budget. I know that estimation of design and building costs are important, so I create both for all of my projects. I want to be sure to design something that is within your budget – whether large or small.
We’ll start with the overall scope you have in mind and then work our way down the design itself for managing the details. The result will be a clear road map to get you to the look and feel of what you need, within your budget.

  • Introducing our Designer BY-YOUR-SIDE Consultations - the perfect solution if you don't require our full interior design services. Experience the guidance of our expert designers whenever you need assistance in making intelligent choices for your home.
  • This service is designed with your flexibility in mind, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Our fees are calculated on a project-by-project basis, ensuring fairness and transparency based on the scope of your project.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our Designer BY-YOUR-SIDE Consultations. Whether you're seeking a floorplan review, material selections, specialized shopping assistance, captivating lighting design, or much more, we've got you covered.
  • Once we've had a thorough discussion about your project, we'll provide an estimate of the required hours. From there, our dedicated team is at your disposal for a day, or even multiple days, to bring your design vision to life. Count on us to assist you in selecting the perfect materials, finding the ideal appliances, exploring flooring options, and adding those finishing touches with exquisite decor.

Want your space to work better for you?


Of course. Consulting is more than just professional advice; it helps you plan your home renovation project without making costly mistakes.

Yes. To help you get the most out of our consultation, I want us both to be well prepared. I’ll help with that by sending a questionnaire for your project before we meet. This will help you to identify your desires and to specify your needs. I’m all about being efficient with the use of our time!
Some questions are not always covered by a standard questionnaire. Every project is unique, and every client has unique needs. If you have additional questions, you may submit those ahead of our meeting so I can prepare in advance.
If you already have finishes identified for your kitchen, having examples ready for us to discuss can be very helpful. Alternately, if the selection of finishes is open to discussion, I can prepare mood boards and samples prior to our meeting. Part of our discovery call will be to prepare a listof things to gather prior to our consultation.

Yes. I love to develop creative solutions for every home. Changing your home’s layout and identifying the right materials and finishes is challenging and often feels like a three-dimensional puzzle for me.

Many times simple changes can facilitate the ease-of- use in a kitchen. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of rearranging the contents of your cupboards so that regularly used items are easy to reach. Other times, rearranging the cabinet layout, adding a pantry or moving appliances results in much better workflow.

Work flow, accessibility of tools and appliances, open counter space and height, and sitting spaces all contribute to ergonomics that will work well for you now and as your needs change with time. We’ll discuss what you need your kitchen space to do for you and design it to ensure it doesn’t come up short.

If you’re planning a remodel, then my Master Plan Package is the best fit. I’ll create a design plan that includes all the items you need. This starts with a design and then becomes a step-by-step road map with a detailed budget that includes spreadsheets listing all of the finishes and materials you select.
My Designer By Your Side is a flexible service. As a design professional, I’ll provide guidance, advice, and expertise on any issues you might be having on your project. We’ll develop a scope of work together and from that, I can estimate the number of hours I’ll need to get you to your outcome. I’ll then be available to help with anything you need, including developing a design, selecting materials, shopping for appliances or furniture, identifying flooring options, choosing colors or selecting decor.