Abbot Labs


A manufacturing center in Fairfield wanted to update its employee breakroom. They wanted to redecorate with corporate colors and new cabinetry and case goods. A 3D model was made to illustrate the basic plan. The room was un-distinct with little to give the room character.

It had an institutional feel that didn’t help with making employees feel more comfortable. The company wanted color and attraction. A corporate color scheme was created utilizing the colors from their packaging and brochures. The walls were painted with a bright green at the soffits, a pale blue on the upper walls, a dark blue as a chair railing, and darker blue on the bottom third. A maroon cove trims out the rest of the room. An entire wall has a cabinet assembly with natural spruce to liven up a break room.

Abbot Lab Break Room


A manufacturing company in Fairfield wanted a breakroom cabinetry display for communication. It was to display unique corporate news and employee information, as well as to brighten up a room, adding storage, housing electrical for TV monitors, and cabinet lighting.  The height is 8’ high, and each section is 9’8” long. Each 9’ 8” section is separated by a middle pillar that is 11 ¼” x 11 ¼”. There were four in total. For a contemporary style, spruce was chosen with a natural stain. The internal portions are stain-grade plywood, with no melamine. A lighter color of spruce was fashioned as an accent around each cabinet door. A piece of trim wraps around the center pillars. Each section terminates into the soffit. There is no toe kick, just 5’ cove. 

Abbot lab Cabinetry


This food center needed some organization. The breakroom was rather bland in looks, nothing exciting to create excitement or for the company to show appreciation to their employees. By adding color and concentrating the food vending machines, the food areas would be a more enjoyable area. The color scheme was carried over around the food areas; bright green soffit, light blue upper wall, dark blue chair rail, and darker blue at the bottom third.

The fridges and freezers were moved to the corner in the upper images. The food vending machines were moved next to the fire door as the examples in the middle. The water and sink area was painted a light blue color.  

Abbot Lab Food Centre


The walls of this break area needed more character and color. A long boring wall can appear to be institutional and the least desirable feature in an employee break room. The windows facing the breakroom were showing the laboratory.

The colors were a bland beige without distinction. It announced a flavorless design. A design sheet with a rendering was prepared to show the color scheme. A corporate color scheme was added to the walls: bright green to the soffit, a pale blue on the upper wall, the chair rail was a dark blue. The bottom of the wall was painted a medium blue.

Abbot Lab Interior Wall Design Colors