Cabinet Customization


The owner of a kitchen wanted to update her kitchen without the high cost of new cabinetry. This treatment required staining the existing cabinetry that was previously stained in a semi-transparent white.

The effect was to transform the cabinetry into a deep cherry color utilizing wood graining methods. This involves etching the existing finish to receiving a colored semi-transparent color coat as the base coat by rag and brush. Next applied is a darker color by a pouncing method seen in the example at left below. A final semi-transparent stain coat smooths out the color and adds density. 

Cabinet Staining


The early color scheme of this kitchen was indistinct and without much character. The cabinets were painted a thin whitewash. The client wanted a French Provencal aged pine look to help add some more personality to the room.

Several coats of a transparent alcohol-based stain were applied and “pulled” to give the look of aged pine. The walls and soffit were faux finished to look like an aged plaster. With the use of staining, the kitchen was given a facelift without an expensive remodel. 

wood 1