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Our closets are the heavy lifters in our home, holding all of our belongings and hiding our messes from the rest of our home. And while most of the time closets help to provide an “out of sight out of mind” mentality, we can probably all agree that this only works until you… well, open the closet. Then it’s a matter of finding that one specific thing that you know is in there somewhere, and if only things were a bit more organized, you wouldn’t have to sift and paw as much. And it is because of these frequent cases, we will be looking into closet design and why designing your closet space can be so beneficial to your everyday life!

Let’s begin by talking about what goes in our closets. Our first consideration should be what we are going to keep in them! This may seem like an obvious point but, it is very important. What goes in this closet will determine shelving and general storage space. For example, if you are designing a pantry, you will most likely want taller and wider shelves to accommodate the weight and differing container shapes. Also, consider the utensils that you’ll be storing there. The crockpot you only use once a month could probably go on a lower shelf, but the everyday pans and baking sheets might need to have a special shelf of their own in a more accessible area.

Let’s talk about bedroom closets. Even if your home doesn’t have the space for the glamorous walk-in, your bedroom closet can still feel organized and clutter-free! Like with the pantry, first, consider what you will be holding there and what you use the most. If you work in a business environment, you will undoubtedly need a good amount of hanger space. But if you work from home and love your sweatpants, you might find yourself sacrificing hanger space for shelf space. On the other hand, if you are a dresser drawer kind of person, you should perhaps design your closet with dresser space as the priority. Think about your day-to-day life and what you wear with what most often. You might want to keep your ties, dress pants, and dress shoes in the same place for your convenience, but the jeans and t-shirts do just fine in a dresser drawer. Just remember, it’s all about making the day to day easier! Design with that in mind!

Only you know your lifestyle and needs best! When designing your closet, let yourself daydream about what would make its everyday use easier. Think of where you will put what and how that would be beneficial to you! As mentioned before, our closets are heavy lifters, and they are meant to be convenient and helpful storage for your home. In your design process, think of what would be the most beneficial and make life in your home just a little better.