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An Iconic Historical Building in Mill Valley needed some updating. The building is in the hub of Mill Valley.

Built in 1889, it has been the center of activity for Mill Valley’s residents and a symbol of the town. The building has had several uses over the years. It was built as a train station,  later used as a bus depot, and then a bookstore café. It had several additions. The final exterior architecture became an Italianate style with art deco features. For the interior and exterior features to work in harmony, we had to be specific with our choice of colors.  Pink beige was chosen for the stucco exterior heralding back to the days of stucco from the 1920s. A brownish mahogany color was the choice for the accent around the arches.

The interior colors follow an art deco pallet, and the wall colors were the same as the exterior to bring in the outer element. A darker mauve color was chosen as an accent color on the interior arches. And to tie it all up, we selected a plum color for the wood trim and case goods to add a further dimension to the interior features.

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