Bathroom DesignComeback Of 70s Interior Design Trends

There is something incredibly appealing about the 70s interior design trends. The bold cherry colours, eye-catching prints and floral decor not only looked remarkable but created a hippie style that is followed to date today.

According to the experts, Interior design 70s houses are still charming and have lured people to adopt the same style again. Experts say that the rooms reveal a lot about your personality. So while this is entirely true, what if we take you back to the Interior design trends of the 1970s and what you called the grandmother’s style?
Would you instead go with the new hype and accept the latest trend taking over the interior designing industry like a storm?

You have more or less landed on the right page if the answer is a simple yes. Remember, nostalgia might hit you as you are about to embark on an inspiration-filled guide that will give you lots of choices and directions about what to do with your vicinity.

Before that, do consider visiting Eric Breuer Interiors for fun-filled ideas. You will be surprised to see how we have incorporated the hippie age into new customs for a modern yet comforting lifestyle for everybody.

Get a Groovy Couch:

70s interior design trends

A funky piece of furniture in a room will grab everyone’s eyes. If the couch is from the 70s, then it is easily identifiable. To get the same touch at your place, set up a groovy sofa of many colours in the centre or near the room’s big window.

This Interior design 70s idea will go well with other similar concepts of that era. Or, you can combine a modern yet minimalist look to define a contemporary look completely.

The dream of people walking into the room as they congratulate you on the new couch that projects everyone into the funky lifestyle is a feature you cannot miss.

The Inspiring Crochet:

70s interior design trends

The history of crochet dates back to more than Interior design 70s style. There is clear evidence of the earliest patterns dating to the 18th century, and the same style has made trademarked all those years.
While the exact origins are unclear, different patterns are common today. To adorn your place, place a few DIY crochet throwbacks on the sofa, couch or bed to create the most comfortable space to watch movies or read books.

The sound and foremost thing are that there is no limit to the material you can use. The 70s interior design trends state to use any yarn, pieces of cloth or other material that you have at hand to crochet. Who knows, your designs may create an impact, and you become a trendsetter of a pattern among the rest.

The Textured Fabrics:

The Textured Fabrics

Think of the 1970s; you will instantly visualize textured fabrics and bold colours. The textured fabrics did not stop at the bell bottoms but were common among the curtains, linens, tableware and other decorative items.

Now the same tradition designers follow but with some medications. You will see patterns on packages with bold colours combined with a soft touch of one pale colour to make the product stand out, such as in tableware. Interior design 70s entirely had a pure focus on checks, strips and straight lines, hence the witty and screen print fabrics we see today.

Cherry Blossom Bathrooms:

Believe it or not, this theme was quite popular in Interior design 70s style. The floral designs became a statement in almost all vicinities. People used the same decor style in restaurants and bars.

Similarly, this concept is making a remarkable comeback in Interior design 70s, combined perfectly with a collection of rooms where you can feature the eye-catching pattern.

Have you thought about why the cherry blossom theme is so alluring? There is something magical and festive about delicate flowers along with the crisp looks. It is the reason why people adorn their washrooms in this subtle shade today.

The Rattling Rattan:

Rattan was the definition and epitome of Interior design trends 1970s. This classic vibe was integral to the entire look, and designers used the same pattern but with a twist.

The benefit of rattan furniture is below;

  • It is highly comfortable; hence you can keep high-quality furniture in all rooms, primarily garden and out of the house.
  • Rattan furniture is water resistant so you can use it in all weather conditions.
  • It also comes in all sizes, so rattan furniture looks best in all spaces.
  • These pieces are not heavy, so that you can move them quickly.
  • Don’t forget they are reasonably priced, so it is an excellent investment as pieces of furniture such as armchairs, seats and sideboards.

Colourful Appliances:

If a whimsy yellow coloured toaster reminds you of your grandma’s house, it’s time to reevaluate your priorities. Today you can see colourful appliances taking over the market like a storm. The different array of shades gives a vintage-inspired look and is becoming everyone;’s favourite.

A unique appliance can give the look you always looked for in magazines. The Interior design 70s house will look classic yet give a boho and hippie vibe.

So what can you do with appliances? Why not combine stainless steel with black and white? Add warm colours to give a brand look. Or add your personality by introducing your favourite colour as a fridge case or the main wall.

Velvet Pillows:

70s interior design trends

Whenever the word plush wants to seek popularity, velvet comes to the forefront. This Interior design 70s style not only gained immense popularity in the olden days but is sure to enhance the room now as well.

The sumptuous and cosy might not define the comfort that tags with velvet. The designers are using velvet throw pillows on the floor these days in bigger sizes, such as in the olden days. The good thing is they go along with all fabrics. It also tends to retain the colours longer than anticipated.

They are also irresistible and timeless to touch, giving comfort to all.

Hanging Charismatic Chairs:

70s interior design trends

The Interior design trends of the 1970s focused on creativity and bringing the inner child out. The most popular and groovy idea was to hang a rattan chair inside or outside the house on a porch to read books and look at the passersby.

This throwback collection is back again and is here to stay for a long. Currently, versions of splendid chairs and swings add a sense of sensation to the whole vicinity.

Children and adults alike are in favour of these hanging chairs. Imagine a room full of chunky colours giving an Interior design 70s house vibe while you rest on a pretty hanging chair. It will make you famous.

The Lovely Linoleum Flooring:

70s interior design trends

Have you heard that linoleum flooring is making a rapid comeback? But why? Let us find out about this great Interior design 70s style.

  • They are durable and resistant to general wear and tear.
  • It is affordable for everybody, which means it’s not expensive.
  • They come in a variety of colours and shades, along with patterns.
  • It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms as it is water resistant.
  • Linoleum comes in cork powder, wood flour, tree resin, jute and linseed oils; hence it is biodegradable.
  • It does not emit harmful chemicals, so it is beneficial for health.
  • This type of flooring requires minimum maintenance. You can only mop and sweep for all you care.

Can You Decorate Your House Like the 70s?

The answer is plain, yes. You can design your house like the 1970s. You can follow the 70s interior design trends in all house areas, go for bold colours, checks, and prints, and combine retro elements such as bean bags and rattan chairs into macrame accents.

Moreover, paint the walls turquoise, yellow, brown, orange or green. Incorporate earthy images and floral prints to give the perfect old vibe.

The lava lamp was also popular in the 1970s. Keep that in the living room or the reading area to highlight the decor. Don’t forget to hang macrame accessories to complete the design.


Society as a whole is appreciatively moving toward the old designs. The new casual way of Interior design trends in the 1970s is to keep an eye on. This stylish version has seeped into our culture and is making a comeback in all shades and colours, so better embrace it and become a part of modern society.

Remember, it is not a far-fetched idea, and you can find all online stores selling this item. Before you embark on the journey, visit Eric Breuer Interiors for the latest ideas. So happy shopping and reshaping the interior of your vicinity.