Commercial Stenciling


The strip mall needed a little uplift and a makeover. However, there was very little room for much to be done in this case.  The consulting architectural firm for the project thought it could benefit from some color changes and stenciling. There were over forty columns and beams, and they were made from structural lumber.

These columns and beams would serve as the canvas for a unique design that would help the building stand out a little bit more.   The chosen design was a symmetrical ornate design that crisscrossed over where the beams and columns met. The design also had a touch of a Celtic style. This helped give the building a more aged and elegant character.  

After the design was chosen, a stencil was drafted. The artist created several stencils of each pattern. He then dry brush painted each pattern with a darker red-brown undercoat. For the finishing touch, he painted on a silver highlighted layer. The result was a unique painted accent. A subtle touch that helps an otherwise ordinary strip mall stand out in a special way. 

Commercial Stenciling
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