Custom Murals & Paintings


 This project asked the fascinating question; How best to stimulate the imagination when reading a book? Here, the answer was to paint the ceiling as an endless horizon.

In this project, a library ceiling was painted in a base of deep blue. Several lighter colors were added over the top of each other in a sponge method. A silver iridescence paint was applied over the top of the lighter blue layers. The effect was a ceiling of iridescent blue that that changes color throughout the day and evening, a perfect place to curl up in a great book. 


This home ad a unique wallpaper design that gave an otherwise modern home a more decorative edge. To accent this wallpaper and to fill the blank spaces in between, hand-painted gold stars were added.  Each star was stenciled with gold paint matching the ceiling wallpaper. The stars covered the entire ceiling and wrapped around the edge of the room. This helped fill the previously bare and lifeless walls and helped the colors of the wallpaper tie in better.