Decorative Art



Fine art can also refer to art. The focus is on objects that hang on walls. Decor and art are combined to create a space’s design and feel. The artwork may be a focal point in a space. Using the right decor to match it will ensure that it is the main focus and not crowded out by other distracting or colorful items.

Eric Breuer Designs will work with clients to create the perfect atmosphere by combining your existing and desired decor. The definition of decor is brief, but it is real. Intangible elements can include art, decor, and other forms of art. Your space will be more harmonious and comfortable if you have the right knowledge, taste, and experience to bring art and decor in.

We can help you visualize your ideas and determine the style you desire. We will discuss your ideas and schedule an onsite visit to help you plan. We will measure the space, determine the scope of work, draw a floor plan and take photos of the existing decor and art. The plan will be created using a three-dimensional computer model to show where items should be placed. Our team can help you identify the right decor for the room and match it with the art. This will bring the space the perfect balance and harmony. With our assistance, you will be able to make the right decisions to achieve the desired outcome

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