Decorative Finishes



Decorative finishes can be applied to any object with paintable surfaces. They are most commonly used on walls, floors, and furniture. For centuries, decorative finishes have been in use. Venetian plaster can add texture to a plain wall, and Murals can fill in the blanks on walls. Concrete can also be stamped to add texture and interest to a space. A faux wood paint job can transform a kitchen. It can be used as the background for art or art that is the focal point of the decor.

Eric Breuer Designs has many ideas about how decorative finishes can be used to complement your home’s interior. We can help you decide when and how to use decorative finishes. This decorating method has many uses. Our process begins with a phone conversation to determine your needs and focus. Many times, customers find inspiration online or have photos to show us. The scope of work will be determined, including the dimensions and wall surfaces.

We will measure the area to determine its size and inspect the surfaces for the best decorative material. Then we’ll discuss color and texture options. We’ll work with you to narrow your options and provide samples for you to view and make your final decision.

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