Decorative ArtDifference Between Interior Design and Architecture

Many people believe interior design and architecture is similar, but the truth is the opposite. What do you think of when you see any building? Have you ever thought of any stories that are intricate in them? Some of the construction might have a background that is interesting and worth knowing. Alongside questions, does it ever cross your mind where the beautiful details come from, an interior design or architecture?

 Though some might work in sync and in pairs to create a liveable space, the work ethics are not the same. Even the process is different.

If you hop on to the internet, you will find much information about both professions. So if you read too many web pages, you will get confused. Here we have condensed the knowledge to discuss the differences between Interior design and architecture.

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Definition of Interior Designer:

Interior Design and Architecture

Interior design is related to the science of enhancing the interior of the vicinity. The job is to use aesthetic appeals to turn the building into an incredible place, giving a healthier environment with a modern touch. It includes space planning, conceptual planning, programming, research and site inspections. An interior designer uses all these techniques to coordinate with the architect.

Definition of an Architect:

An architect is a person working on the plans and designs of buildings. The profession is related to human occupancy; hence there are various definitions in various origins, such as he is responsible for public safety and has to go specialised training.

Similarly, architecture needs a practical licence, so it needs to fulfil all education years to learn from the basics to the expert level. Every jurisdiction has different rules; hence California is no other as well. Check out the Interior design vs architect in California websites to get all information.

Role of an Architect:

Architects are genuinely concerned with building materials and converting an actual piece into an occupied place. An architect must also see the building codes while creating safe spaces. There is also ventilation, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning to install; hence the work is profound.

Additionally, incorporating sustainable features such as lights and heating is a mandatory task. Since the architect is the one who has designed the entire complex, he has to visit the site daily and check where rooms are in construction, such as the placement of bedrooms, kitchens and dinettes. The primary job is to be in sync with the team of other people working there.

Role of an Interior Designer:

The role of an interior designer is to weave and show creativity into the interior of all spaces. Suppose we break down the interior and design into different components. In that case, you will automatically know that the job is related to beautifying and designing the interior into artistic trends acceptable to the owner’s needs.

Interior design vs architecture both look pretty similar in terms of their description. , But there is a vast difference; the interior designer works keeping in mind the materials that suit well inside the facility; additionally, the furniture, wall designs, accessories and colour schemes are important too.

Here the budget plays an integral part for the owner and the interior designer. Unlike the architect who has to choose one theme for the exterior, the interior designer has to show his talent in different areas of the vicinity. No two rooms can be the same, so introducing variety is vital

Education Criteria for Both Professions:

Interior Designer
  1. School Education

To enrol in this field, you need to have 12 years of primary education. Specialising in mathematics and science with 55% marks is compulsory. Either go for a bachelor's degree or a four-year graduate diploma.

2. Entrance Examination

Your entry examination highly depends upon your prior experience and exposure. Moreover, obtaining an MSc degree will also tell you the history and details of architecture.

3. Certificate and licence

Look for accredited programs that can lead you to specialise in kitchen designs for bedrooms or commercial projects. Choose the one you have an interest in at that time.

4. Portfolio Preparation

The initial portfolio starts when you enrol in the program because practical work begins with classes. Furthermore, using software applications to create 3D designs for clients is also the interior designer's responsibility.

  1. School Education

Education from an accredited school is essential to becoming a good architect. All schools offer urban planning, set design, landscaping, industrial designs and real estate opportunities.
You also have to specialise in mathematics and science to appear in the final test.

2. Entrance Examination

The entrance examination will consist of skills such as observation, aesthetic sensitivity, sense of proportion, critical thinking ability and drawing.

3. Certificate and licence

Obtaining a certificate and then the licence to work comes after the bachelor's degree in fine arts. There are many equivalent degrees which you can adopt as per your interest.

4. Portfolio Preparation

All architecture students have their portfolios at the end of the academic year. You need to formally work for at least two years to acquire a licence. You can go for post-graduate courses as well.

Salary of Interior Designer in California:

The salary of an Interior designer vs an architect is quite handsome compared to other professions. You can earn up to $93,400 annually whether you work alone or with any company.

The average salary starts from $67,024. You can include additional bonuses, tips, profit and sharing, and commission-based work here. If you are solely based in California and work locally, you can become a giant and earn $241,208 per year. It all depends on how popular you are and what your success rate is.

Salary of an Architect in California:

Interior design and architecture courses are expensive but so does the salary of an architect in California. So, first, determine what type of architect you want to become. Have a look at the list and find your interest first.

  •  Landscape artist
  • Architectural
  • technologist
  • Architectural designer
  • Preservation architect
  • Green building
  • Architect (retrofit)
  • Commercial architect
  • Industrial architect
  • Architecture manager
  • Senior Architect
  • Extreme architect

There are many places in California where you can enrol and get your dream job. The pay starts from $115,321 annually, which is relatively decent. Remember that many cities in California are booming in construction and expanding along modern lines, so you can jumpstart your career instantly after completing your education.


Who to Hire?

If you are still wondering who to hire for services, then better compile a list of things to do. Make a decision that you want to go for complete construction or renovation. Both of these are different categories and hence require other professionals to work.

As we have outlined, if you have a place that is a structure built, you are most probably looking for an interior designer to make it livable. But an architect will help you if you have a piece of land and do not know what type of vicinity you need to fabricate.

So keep in mind that Interior design and architecture are variations and types of work. Both are important in their peculiar ways.


Interior designers and architects are both exciting and creative creatures who put forward their skills to design the best facilities and buildings for you.

Generally, both are intertwined and need to work together for the best outcome, but the requirement sometimes calls for only one profession to start the project.

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