Half- Baths


This 1990’s bathroom was in need of a little change. It was redecorated to give it a more old-world feel without going through the cost of a full remodel. The vanity was an off-shelf from a big block. The tumbled tile was used to replace the white stock subway tile that you might see in a development home. The wrought iron handwash holders replaced old gold fixtures that were more akin to the 1990s. Elegant vanity light with a filigree iron style was added to add soft light.

The small, old-world, mirror helped provide a focal point and added a bit of character as opposed to a simple flat mirror.  To tie it all together, lime-based paint was used to add a soft pink color to the walls, further emphasizing the old-world feeling. 


This small half-bath was in need of a makeover. To start off, it was repainted with satin metallic paint. A crown trim was added along the ceiling to highlight the dark green walls.

The dark-stained wooden vanity was purchased from a big-box supplier and installed. The large framed mirror was chosen to help tie in with the dark wood of the vanity. The small statuette and the framed art were chosen to further the cultural atmosphere.