Home Color Consulting


Here we have a newly purchased home. The house was painted a simple white color originally. The plain white paint did not help with the character of the home and did not highlight it’s unique architectural features. The white walls did not provide any sense of dimension or detail.

It was clear that this home needed another layer of character before the family could call it their own. A warm brown color was chosen for the walls. This simple color was perfect for accentuating the architectural aspects without being too bold. The brown was wrapped from corner to corner to add a sense of strength and structure. The warm color also brightens up the house in a unique way without being stale or too plain. This color also catches the light and helps the warm glow carry throughout the home.

From the pictures, we are able to see how a simple color change can help even a new home feel like a childhood home. In this case, while the color was subtle, the change made a big difference. When choosing the main color for a home, it’s essential to choose something natural and comforting that will work with the whole house.