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This blog will help you find your design from a list of top interior design bathroom trends in 2023.  Bathrooms today should be visually appealing and well-equipped. The bathroom is a place to relax. In addition, take care of yourself and enjoy your favorite water treatment. Bathrooms are no longer purely practical. This may surprise some, but bathroom design trends are changing more often than living room and kitchen design trends. Trends in materials and the creativity of interior designers have made it possible to find original solutions for small rooms. 


bathroom trends 2023

The first piece of advice is to strive for uniformity The shower should be tiled the same way the rest of the room is. The bathroom will appear larger. It does not have two separate and distinct areas. Choosing the right color for your bathroom is never easy. Similar colors ensure visual uniformity.

For instance, the floor can be tiled in matte light gray or white. On the walls, we can use the same colors. But with a shiny finish or light-colored marble patterns. Different textures can result in different contrasts. Moreover, the sense of uniformity helps make the room look more attractive.

Minimalist Glass Partition:

top bathroom trends in 2023

The third trend found in the 2023 small bathroom trends is to install minimalist glass partitions for the shower area. Glass has some weight, but it can enhance the look of your bathroom. It can be any size or shape, but it is just hanging on the wall.

Although the mirror is in front of us, our brains perceive it as if it is not there because it appears that the glass is not occupying any space. However, it does not function as a solid boundary since you can see across it. Rather, opt for minimalist glass partitions instead of different curtains or unorganized materials. This helps maintain uniformity.

Furthermore, this step adds the feel of having a larger room. Designers prefer simple glass partitions without grits. Nevertheless, they are highly effective options. In small spaces, it is better to rely on simplicity. Because it looks cleaner and has more visual permeability.

Colors Patterns and Textures:

patterns in bathrooms

It is ideal to choose a light color palette for a small bathroom. Of course, it does not mean that an all-white bathroom is the only choice. You can also select and match other tiles. Instead, use bright and soft colors to make the bathroom seem more spacious. Color and texture are the keys to small bathroom trends 2023. Light colors reflect more light.

The wall seems to recede expanding the space and giving a feeling of awareness. When selecting tiles, think about It is advisable to select large pieces to avoid a lot of grout lines. Large tiles make this space much cleaner, more spacious, and more elegant. Because the surfaces look uniform. While small bathroom colors 2023 may be difficult to find, if you do your research and stick to the theme, it is possible to create the design you desire.  

Vertical Space:


You are adding excellence to the design by utilizing vertical space, primarily for unused storage. As a basic surface within a space, it is common to notice the floor. However, we can also take advantage of the flat surface. Using vertical lines to open the room to create a feeling of spaciousness is essential. An elegant way to achieve it is to utilize your vertical space for starch.

Such as open shelving that extends to the ceiling which can be utilized for clean towels etc. Additionally, you can install shelves above the toilet to provide extra storage. You will find the top 2023 bathroom trends here, which emphasize simplicity and the use of free space to increase efficiency and spend less money. It is sometimes difficult to implement small bathroom ideas since there is more material to organize in a small space.

Large Mirrors and Lightning:

top trends in 2023

An essential component of the bathroom is the mirror, especially in congested spaces because they reflect the area and the light. An excellent idea is to install one large mirror even when you have two sinks. This unifies the space. Moreover, the bathroom looks elegant and spacious. You can try to take your mirror up to the ceiling. In this case, you might need a special mirror.

This is the most effective and easiest way to make a room appear larger. Designers recommend the use of large mirrors as an attribute of master bathroom trends 2023. But many designers also recommend them for smaller bathrooms. Use this advantage to enlarge your room. In interior design, lighting is also an influential factor. A well-designed lighting plan gives a modern look and makes the space safe and bright.

Do not make the mistake of having a single bulb in the center of the ceiling. Because this does not feel functional or aesthetic. Use mixtures of lighting to increase the functionality and brightness of the bathroom. If you are thinking about designing your bathroom from scratch, you must include architectural lighting. You can incorporate LED lines under the floating vanity or behind the mirror to define your space. These allow you to brighten up the space without having visible lighting features.

White Bathrooms:

We live in an era of change. People are now interested in simple and creative designs. As a result, white bathroom trends in 2023 are becoming popular. Designers use the same features as defined in the above headings but with a white color palette.

In some designs, beige is selected as the base color for a bathroom interior, while others opt for different shades of white to create an eye-catching look. There is no doubt that the white color is attractive, but it also makes the room look more spacious. Several designers use a combination of black and white colors to enhance the look of the bathroom.

Tiles and theme colors are usually light, but accessories and furniture are dark. Light colors are often combined with dark colors to make them more attractive. However, lighting is also an influential factor. The use of bright lighting increases brightness. Most often, dark colors are applied to vertical spaces where shelves are created to make use of the space. Designers often use light-colored flowers to beautify the look.

Hidden Compartments:

Having a lot of bottles in your bathroom is not attractive. However, it clutters the space and makes your bathroom cheap. Several interior design bathroom ideas can help declutter the area, including considering hidden storage. You can utilize the area above the toilet as vertical storage. Even better if the vertical space is designed in a minimalistic style.

Using a wall behind the toilet is also a smart idea. They use hidden compartments and combine them with open shelving. It is a functional solution and helps to emphasize the vertical lines of that space. If you do not have space to convert it into storage, you can opt for a mirror with hidden compartments. These mirrors are functional and easy to find in stores and you do not need to make a renovation.

Bathroom Trends to avoid in 2023:

There are some mistakes that everyone makes while designing their bathrooms. In addition, people do not pick a single focal point. Things like toilets, tubs, faucets, tiles, and the rest compete for your attention. You should choose one element to emphasize and focus on it. Another mistake is not maximizing your wall space. Utilize vertical space to gain extra storage.

In most bathrooms, making them too dark is the third major mistake. Coloration and lighting are very influential factors in designing a bathroom. To demonstrate, we can say that dark and moody are the enemy of a tiny bathroom. A dark theme is not suitable for small bathrooms but if we use dark colors with light theme colors, it can give the bathroom a pleasant look.

How can we help?

Design is the most crucial factor when building interiors. There are several mistakes that if not resolved can be devastating. Stylish and beautiful designs can enhance the beauty of the room and make it more attractive. When designing a bathroom, every single element is very significant, from the arrangement of the decor to the creation of a shelf. A single mistake can ruin the look you aim for.

Coming up with a plan for designing the bathroom interior is an investment. The changes you make might be permanent so choose wisely. Visit Eric Breuer Interiors for fantastic ideas with the latest and upcoming design trends to match your requirements. Interior designers and engineers are both creative and skilled enough to design the best for you. You can build the design of your dreams with the expert engineers and professional designers at this company. Contact us to have the work done.