Lighting Design



Lighting design is about lighting in the built environment. It includes both exterior and interior applications. Strong lighting designs take into account variations in natural light throughout the day or season. This design considers how daylight and electric lighting can be used together to create mood and atmosphere while still providing sufficient lighting for tasks. Spotlighting and other special lighting techniques can be used to highlight architectural features or artwork. Indirect lighting can warm or soften a room.

Eric Breuer Designs is an expert in lighting design. We’ll begin by discussing the scope of the project and the challenges that you face during our first call. After that, we’ll visit the site to evaluate the conditions and take photos and measurements. Finally, we will talk with you. Then, we’ll work together to create a lighting plan that meets all safety requirements and your specifications. This includes state and local energy codes and building codes. The finalized lighting plan will include information about lighting fixtures, panelboard assignments and control methods, key dimensions, mounting information and structural reference points. This will inform the contractor about the placement details.

We can design a lighting system plan that is both functional and beautiful by combining creativity and analytics. We have many different approaches for different solutions. We love to create custom lighting looks that will enhance your home with light.

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