ClosetsRomantic Walk-In Closet Design

In many households, closet space is a precious commodity. There never seems to be enough of it, and very few of us ever consider our closet’s design theme. In this case, we have a lovely walk-in closet that checks both the boxes for plentiful storage space and beautiful design.

The inspiration for the color tone of this closet was tinsel and Sepia of the 1920s style. This is evident from the tan paint and the creamy patterned carpet. These colors help convey a sense of sophistication as well as comfort. The walls are a soft mauve-rose color. The cabinet colors are a soft off-white with a hint of rose. Also, notice the window treatment is darker than the walls for contrast. This effect adds another layer of romance and privacy to this space.

The chandelier that illuminates the closet is a delicate gold color. The Victorian floral patterned carpeting compliments this. We also need to notice the choice of color for the cabinets and storage area. The cabinet work was kept delicate with ogee trim for panels. The cabinet hardware is minimal, so as not to be loud. Rounded edges countertop of the central table drawers borrows the element of the paneling.

Here we get a better look at the use of storage and the island in the center. The countertop provides space to place dresses and clothing, while also creating a classy focal point. The island itself is also perfect for storage, providing a space to set accessories. The attached bench also allows the owner to sit and try on shoes. All of these characteristics make the walk-in closet unique and comfortable. Just because a room functions as a closet doesn’t mean that it can’t have its own romantic atmosphere. Designing a spacious and sophisticated attachment to a master bedroom is just as essential as designing the master bedroom itself.