San Francisco Kitchen

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This 1970’s home on the Peninsula in SF Bay Area hadn’t been touched in over 30 years. The whole house was gutted and remodeled. 

In the existing kitchen, there was a wall where the island now is. We elected to go for an open floor plan and incorporate part of the supporting post into the island. The island becomes a serene flat minimalist space, with an electric stove. The cabinets, dating to a pine finish popular in the 70’s, were removed entirely, and slab panels with a very slight green white tint were installed in their place. The flooring was torn up and replaced with a hand-scraped engineered wood that added character throughout the house. New modern lighting was installed in the ceiling globes in the kitchen, saving wiring trouble. The walls were painted in a white semi-gloss for easier maintenance and to bring more light into the home. This helped provide more natural light, as the windows were set low and did not provide much natural light on their own.