Space Planning



Space planning is about organizing your living or workspace in a way that allows you to use the space at its full potential. Interior designers are skilled at space planning. They can plan the layout of furniture, traffic flow, and daily use. Interior design is often overlooked. Although a kitchen design might look great, it may not work well because the space was not planned properly. A cluttered living room with too much furniture can hinder the design of your living room and make repetitive tasks more complex and tedious.

Eric Breuer Designs begins the space process by talking with you over the phone. Next, we plan a visit to measure and take photos of the space. We also create a floor plan to help us identify problem areas and spaces that are not in accordance with space use principles.

Space planning that works is one that allows for all the activities you want to do. Space planning can be part of larger projects like a complete remodel or simply a redesign of a living space such as a kitchen. Interior designers know what elements can be modified to maximize the space’s potential.

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