Suburban Bathroom Renewal


This particular home was being prepared for resale. The Master Bathroom, which dated back to the 1990s, was in great need of an upgrade and a facelift. However, the limitations in place were such that the plumbing fixtures could not be swapped out or replaced. Therefore, it was essential to apply various design techniques to help the room feel fresh and new. We helped the wooden cabinets better stand out against the pale countertops through the use of an alcohol-based stain. This helped the wood look more rustic. The ornate green bottles are a simple and inexpensive touch that helps give the bathroom a little more character. This decor also compliments the olive green hand towels that hang on either side of the large mirror. 

The purple and sage colors were added to help give the room a classy, calm feel. Such colors provide a sense of serenity, which is perfect for an area like the bathtub. The lavender also provides a nice contrast for the foliage outside.

The bronze coloring was added to the metals to give it a subtle industrial look. The bronze in the shower pops out well against the white tile walls and the black metal frame. All of these colors together help provide the water closet a unique style while still helping it remain comfortable.

In the case of a room renewal, a few small touches can make all the difference. Here just the additions of decor, some fresh coats of paint, and some new metal coverings gave this room a whole new vibrant look. Despite the limitations of not being able to change the plumbing fixtures, these cosmetic changes helped the bathroom look more modern while still keeping a classic feel.