People get confused as to which kitchen Interior design ideas are trending. A kitchen is the only place in the whole vicinity where you have a minefield of designs and ideas to execute. Similarly, if you are about to revamp or design a kitchen entirely from scratch, then this blog is the right one for you.

If you are the owner of a stylish kitchen, the other amenities, such as the size of the house, usually fade away. The kitchen is the hub of the vicinity, where you generally entertain your guests and family while you cook the delicacies. Many Interior design kitchens rotate around the floor plan of the kitchen, and people usually prefer the style.

California is all about style and trends; hence, if you are looking for the latest trends before renovating, consider the ideas below.

Remember, the kitchen is not only about space or colors. There are cabinets, countertops, and islands to take care of, so always approach professionals to do the task. Here we at Eric Breuer interiors have a reputation for providing the most delicate work.

Now let us see what different you can do to your kitchen as a makeover.

The Outdoor Kitchen Design:

Kitchen interior Design

The pandemic has brought us real close to nature, and now many people prefer Interior design kitchen trends 2022 that tilt more towards bringing nature inside.

The idea of having an indoor kitchen will always remain in trend but having an outdoor kitchen has its charm. If you live in an average apartment, then you can design a kitchen that is closer to a terrace or one of the large windows in your house.

Otherwise, if you have a commercial project in hand, having an outdoor kitchen will attract many customers as people love sitting outside and enjoying the meal.

Both ways, you will have ample sunlight to cook; also, you can bring in lots of plants and flowers to adorn the place. Add some upper cabinets with fun appliances with accessories to make a statement.

Go For a Backsplash:

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The next on the list of Interior design kitchen ideas California style is creating a backsplash on the main wall of the kitchen. The wall where you have the residential or commercial oven is the place to do the awesomeness.

Here you can have a straight, curved, or horizontal backsplash that matches the countertops or the color of the cabinets. It will prove enticing to the chefs or home cooks to spend more time there. There are many striking colors and designs if you go through Interior design kitchen images over the internet or a portfolio of experts.

Always choose the design that matches the surroundings or the personality to impact everyone better. It will also showcase your style and ambitions.

The Invisible Kitchen:

The year 2022 and onwards are termed as practical years rather than design-led. The word clever is embedded in our minds, and we tend to look and work that way.

Interior design kitchen ideas have taken a turn as well. The contemporary concept has left the chat while smart kitchen storage ideas have become the talk of the town. How?

A kitchen is available round the clock as we tend to spend the time there. It starts at breakfast and ends at dinner, and the space is usually stuffed with smart appliances to make life easier. It would be best if you had functional appliances that you could hide away easily for various reasons. Similarly, a hidden kitchen gives a more systematic approach and helps you declutter the space.

Also, you can clean the space immediately and much more efficiently, especially if you have a higher footfall.

Double or Multi-Purpose Islands:

Double or Multi-Purpose Island in Kitchen

The demand for double islands is growing at a rapid rate. People prefer to have a separate space to prepare and then serve food. Generally, these islands are trending in Interior design kitchen ideas among the masses as you can alter the islands to incorporate much more than anticipated.

So, what can you do? You can put up open shelves to showcase the cookbooks. Or, place a wine fridge in empty spaces. It will not only fill it up but looks elegant to guests. Apart from that,
You can keep the place tidy, so the kids can do their work while you cook.

Don’t forget to spice up the place with random colors, shades splashing some here and there for liveliness.

Antique Wood With a Dash of Modernism:

Antique Wood With a Dash of Modernism in Kitchen

Antique wood, no doubt, looks lovely in all types of kitchens. Additionally, it is the only element that goes well with all color palettes giving a natural vibe with calmness. You will find most of the Interior design kitchen books where the designers have highlighted the importance of using wood.

You can place classical wooden cabinets by replacing other metals. It will benefit you less renovation and upkeep in the end.

The design can include wooden cabinets along with islands with metal legs for a modern look and easy cleaning underneath.

The Shaker Style:

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No, the term does not have to do anything with movers and shakers or music but is associated with Interior design kitchen trends 2022. The shaker style is associated with white, gray, and cream because these colors are here to stay forever.

The benefit of having these colors is that they act like a blank canvas. It is where you can pair the kitchen with jute vegetable hangings or black whitewash technique on the main wall. Additionally, you can pop wood, brass, and unique window treatments to enlighten the space.

There are loads of designs that are in trend, and you can ask the experts to show you the catalog.

Add a Chalkboard Panel:

A chalkboard panel is an excellent idea in the kitchen if you have children. You Can jot down their daily meal plans along with the nutrition value the kids require. Moreover, the children can also write something if they want.

Besides, if you are an adult, you can write your grocery list or daily chores reminders on it. Add a chalkboard panel on the side of the refrigerator or on the side wall where you can see the chalkboard.

It will add personality to the kitchen and will make it all about your personality.

Statement Lights:

kitchen interior design ideas

Small lights can brighten up the kitchen but to a certain extent only. Why not hang a beautiful statement lamp or modern light over the serving counter?

You may not find many Interior design kitchen experts talking about this, but it is the new norm of California style nowadays. The new statement light will make a huge difference not only while you are cooking but for the guests and family as the light will directly fall on the countertops making everything bright and shiny.

Choose the oversize light to the size of the kitchen and become the talk of the town having this style.

Organized Open Shelves:

organized open shelves in kitchen

Though many people prefer closed cabinets, this vintage-style open shelving idea in the kitchen will never go old. It is perfect for showing off your collection of porcelain mugs, vintage ceramics, beautiful serving dishes, and the latest pots and pans you own.

The neatly decorated and well-kept kitchenware is always a pride for the chef, so why not show it to all? This display will add character to your kitchen and will create a pattern to follow for the color palette as well. You can keep a few Interior design kitchen cabinets as a closed option by leaving the rest as open shelves.

Multi-Tasking Racks:

kitchen interior design ideas

The idea of a sliding pantry is quite common, so why not incorporate something new? A new idea?

If you have space in the kitchen, then do set up space for some multi-tasking racks. You can hang your cookware used daily and make it the focal point of the whole area. Moreover, merging it with a backsplash would also be a wise move.

Here you can hang mugs, a set of spoons, and other items that you are proud of and want to show everyone. You can custom-build these racks or find them at any store by taking advice from an expert.

Final Thoughts:

Designing a unique kitchen either for commercial or residential purposes is tedious, especially if you are giving it a DIY hack. To save time and money, always call experts such as Eric Breuer interiors to create a statement kitchen that stands out among all in California. Eric Breuer interiors providing services which Includes but is not limited to Yolo County, Nevada County, Yuba County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Sacramento County, and Grass Valley.

Remember, it’s all about style, design, functionality, and space, so a designer who knows Interior design kitchen ideas will benefit you in the long run.