Color ConsultingTop 10 Living Room Interior Design Trends in 2023

The list of the Top 10 living room interior design trends in 2023 that can catch your eye is described in this blog. Many websites tell you how to design your interior. But what should you avoid while designing your interior? What about the trends of last year that no longer exist? This blog covers all these topics for your convenience.

This blog discusses how to update your spaces with the latest interior design trends in 2023. Keeping up with the latest trends is more than just reflecting your aesthetics. It can also bring a breath of fresh air to your soul. Because of its popularity, you can only jump on some trends.

If you see something that suits you and your personality, opt for it. We will tell you what’s hot and what’s not. Let’s dive into the hottest interior design trends for 2023.

Lamps Everywhere


2023 will be the year of lights. Lights would be everywhere. Teeny lamps, small lamps, and battery-operated lamps can provide that premium look you want. If you look around on social media, you can find plenty of amazing spaces with lamps. Designers expect lamps to play an influential role in living room design trends in 2023.

Lamp lights are popular because they are moody, dim, and have a glowing effect, and they don’t provide harsh light. Lamps are multipurpose. Moreover, you can use them for dark and intense sunlight. Many stylish and beautiful lamps are available on the market, and you can choose one that suits your home. Lamps are very influential on the lighting factor of interior design. Lamps can also be seen in living rooms in movies and seasons.

Cottage Traditional

Traditional cottage interior design will be even more popular in 2023. Traditional designs are often avoided because people think that modern is cool. But now the trends are flowing the other way. Tones with deeper, richer, and darker tones will enhance your interior design style.

These darker tones will give the traditional style that modern touch. Thus, it would be a suitable interior design style for 2023. You can add a stylish touch to your classic interior using vintage elements. Combining old and modern styles always creates a new and creative style.

Built-in Wall Unit

An integrated wall unit is a notable trend for 2023 that designers think is cool. Rather than being built-in, they are more attached to the walls. Built-in wall units provide extra storage and, most importantly, organization. You only need so many shelves to store stuff.

Furthermore, there is no need to have much stuff lying around. This trend would be much more popular because the built-in walls are affixed to the wall. These walls are affordable, and you can spend less money on shelves and other elements to store unorganized items.

If you like shelving to be part of your interior design, then built-in walls can help. You can make drawers, shelves, and visual interests because you can see many things. The walls provide extra space, and you have a great opportunity for plants, styling, books, etc.

Saturated Earth Tones

Earth tones are interesting because they can provide rich elements to your space. Earth tones are expected to become much more saturated in the coming years. Many people feel uncomfortable layering many colors in a room. So, these earth tones have a very neutral feeling.

Hence, saturated earth tones have a very neutral feeling to them. But they are a bit more colorful and livelier. In addition to rich and moody greens and browns, people were encouraged to think of maroon, oxblood, and reds. These spaces can be fantastic in any room throughout the year.


People are beginning to realize the importance of self-care in their spaces, another big lifestyle trend 2023. The area around you has a huge impact on your overall health. People consider elements in their rooms that make them comfortable. The environment has a vital role physically and mentally.

A well-designed space can significantly impact your happiness and well-being. That is something designers are embracing in 2023. Several factors contribute to this trend, including your home’s environment, lighting, smell, humidity, and air quality. These elements have a significant impact on your mood and health.



People are wondering what furniture trends will be popular in 2023. These trends are moving towards sustainability and eco-friendly materials. Consumers are increasingly looking for products with minimal environmental impact, so designers gravitate toward natural wood finishes.

Comfort is another factor people look for when selecting items of furniture. In interior design, comfort will play an essential role after changing our lifestyle to work from home or to have a hybrid flexible schedule. Designers also use vintage items in their furniture, which gives a classic look. Marketplaces are an excellent resource if you’re looking for beautiful vintage pieces that won’t break the bank.



Designers always pay attention to sustainability when designing an interior. Besides playing an imperative role in our health and the health of the Earth, sustainability also has many other benefits for us.

There is a growing concern among people regarding where the product is manufactured. How is it created? What material is it made of? A way to determine if a piece will last for a long time. All this will have a big impact on sustainability.

Further, you can enjoy your purchases for longer if you purchase better-quality pieces. There is always a desire to possess items that will last long. In addition, they can be used after they are done with them. After they have no further interest in the article, they can sell it or give it away.


It is natural for people to look back, recall, and incorporate those memories into their daily lives. Therefore, nostalgia will be a popular interior trend in 2022/2023. We all appreciate things that remind us of a happy memory or someone who has significantly impacted our lives.

Nostalgically designing your living room is very personal, meaning you will fully enjoy it. You likely have a story associated with that thing. As a result, nostalgia can add great character to your space. Therefore, looking for memories in your living room is not a bad idea in 2023.

Vintage Textiles

vintage interior design

Discussing nostalgia and the things of the past we love, another upcoming interior design trend in 2023 will be vintage textiles. Antique pieces are becoming popular not only in decoration but also in interior design. Antique draperies, curtains, blankets, and throw pillows will be common in 2023.

Look for vintage textiles because they layer and add depth to your space. Often, vintage drapes can be hemmed to fit any space, saving you much more than custom drapery. The modern interior design and antique touches will enhance the room’s beauty.

Interior Design Trends to avoid in 2023

Many trends are making their way into the interior design sector, but some directions must be avoided in 2023. The use of grey color and its shades in interior design will be out of trend in 2023.

Rather, pops of colors, highlighted walls, and warm tones will take their place. Massive lighting will no longer be in fashion in interior design. In most cases, fixtures are too large for a room and must match its scale. A chandelier should be smaller than the table under it.

The trend of open shelving will fade away in 2023. Open shelves are widely used in almost every area of a house. This trend was very popular in the past few years but will no longer exist in 2023. Many unexpected and bold colors will come back in interior design trends in 2023. Using dark colors, especially on the walls, can create the right mood before setting the table or relaxing on the sofa.

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Creating an interior design for your living room is a big investment. It would be best if you always chose the most suitable option to do the most effective job. The team at Eric Breuer Interiors can provide you with top-of-the-line ideas in line with the latest and upcoming design trends that will meet your needs.

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