Window Treatments



Window treatments can be used to cover or frame a window. There are many options and types of window treatments. Shades, drapes, and curtains are soft window treatments. Blinds and shutters are for hard windows. They all serve a functional purpose: providing privacy and insulation to block heat, light, and cold or to baffle sound. By framing the view and finishing the room, window treatments can add character and structure. Window treatments can create a mood, whether formal, casual, or fun, and help balance the space’s aesthetics. They also bring together different textures and colors. Window treatments play an integral part in the overall design of a room and its ultimate functionality. These are often the last things to be done during a remodeling or decorating project.

Eric Breuer Designs can help you decide which window treatment is best for you, room by room and window by window. Although there are many window treatment options, colors, and mechanisms available, pricing and lead time for custom orders can vary greatly. This is the foundation of our interior design service.

It is essential to determine the project’s scope, the location and size of the openings, and the style and modern interior decoration in each room where you will be using the window treatments. For this, a site visit is necessary. Window treatments are available from many top manufacturers. We can help you save time and make smart decisions.

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