Interior DesignerInterior Designer’s Salary in California

The interior designer’s salary is generally quite handsome considering the work that needs renovation. The interior designer job is arduous yet fun at the same time. This field comprises a lot of things apart from decorating the interior. The interior designer must work on the theme, playing with the color palette, organizing the exterior, and keeping lavish items in their desired place. A commercial interior designer’s salary in California does not match the wages the designers earn in other states. Moreover, the pay can spike high if the designer remains consistent in the field.

According to the Californian state of the labor department, the statistics reveal that an average interior designer can earn $57,060 per year, which is a good amount considering the global financial downfall many times. California’s hourly interior designer salary is roughly estimated at $27.43.

But remember, the salary depends on many factors such as education, certifications, talent, years of experience, and diversified working techniques. Setting all this discussion aside, the main question is how to earn more? The Interior designer career is gaining momentum, and the market is flooded, so how can one designer stand out?

To answer the queries, let us dive into the interior design world and get valuable knowledge.

Interior Designer's salary in California

How to close more deals being an interior designer:

The profession of interior designer is not limited to one country or state, and the interior designer’s salary also varies with the state or country. But before doing so, you must learn how to close more and better deals that can get you better income than the previous deal.

If you know how to play around with themes and colors and can bring aesthetic appeal to the vicinity, then this field is the right choice.

1.Experiment more:

All Interior designer courses entail one significant step: experiment at all stages. No interior designer is successful if you only follow the old traditional ways. So experiment means not only merely an experiment but a creative experiment.

It is like fusing different designs and colors to create something unique and appealing to the customer. There is contemporary, modern, gothic, and eclectic, and you can merge and experiment to have something better than the existing ones.

2.Market yourself:

It is one of the decisive steps in closing good deals with clients. Never expect clients to land on your doorstep if you are not actively promoting yourself, your brand, and your work. Active marketing will put you on the map and help you generate more money by closing bigger deals.

The Commercial interior designer’s salary in California depends on how well they market themselves. You will find most of the interior designers and their websites on google. It is because they boost their experience and work ethics.

3.Follow the trend:

It is always advised to follow the trend as it will take a long way in your interior design career. Many Entry-level internal designer salaries in California have skyrocketed by following the present trend. You Can follow these trends to remain active in this field.

  • Warm colors
  • Curves
  • Natural elements
  • Ceilings
  • Wallpapers
  • Monotone colors
  • Flexible, spacious areas
  • Open floor designs
  • Traditional yet modern designs

These are suggestions only, so follow what you deem is best for your business.

4.Give trade discounts:

No deal is complete without a good discount. Many clients who frequently hire an interior designer always look for the best deals.

You can get some discounts you buy products and items from at the time. Many Interior designer online courses entail vendors who can supply items at discounted rates. Hence, take the benefit and grow the business.

Remember, once you strike a good deal with the vendors and the clients, you can have regular work which can take you to heights.

5.Specialize in a particular space:

If you want to progress in terms of Interior designer salary, then specializing in a particular space is imminent. It is the easiest way to make big bucks. Moreover, if you specialize in kitchens and baths, you will soon become a giant in the industry.

Renovating a kitchen and a bath is the most crucial part of any vicinity. The striking cabinetry, sinks, countertops, and tiles generate most of the sales, and you, even as an Entry-level interior designer salary in California, can earn more than average.

Similarly, you can become an expert in designing bedrooms and office spaces and decorating restaurants and bars. There are endless possibilities to work on, so choose an area and specialize in it.

6.Consultation appointments:

If you are a newbie in this field, then it is good to offer free consultations as an incentive to attract more customers. Later on, when you become a pro and have more projects, it would be better to let the freeloaders off.

An interior designer’s job is hard, and anyone can master it. Hence, take advantage of your career and start charging for the consultation sessions.

Moreover, keep track of your consultation time. The initial consultation session can be for a half-hour; later, as the customer becomes a permanent client, you can increase it to an hour or more with charges.

7.Revamp your website:

Today’s world is digital, and people flock to the internet to search for queries rather than visit places. It is vital to revamp and upgrade the website and upload the latest news and information for the visitors to follow.

You can also post pictures of your work and get views. You may get a call from other cities to earn more money. California’s interior designer salary per hour has vast potential, so benefit while you can.

8.Maintain quality and volume:

Many interior designers agree to work more to earn money. Sometimes it is good, but you may be unable to keep the balance. The idea of having more clients may seem intense, but it will work only to the point where you deliver quality instead of quantity.

During your interior designer course, you will be taught to provide quality work to get more clients rather than focus on quantity. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that all famous interior designers always give quality work, which is why they succeed.

So do not cut costs where you need to invest the most. It will eventually bring in fame and more clients.

9.Balance trends and client’s ideas:

Many interior designers boost their experience but produce what they think is best for the room. Here, many clients never return as it’s their ideas they want in action. Sometimes, you may have a different opinion than the customer, meaning you have to keep your taste aside and deliver the trend the client wants.

Moreover, keep an eye on how the trends change. Some clients leave the results to the interior designer, which is the moment to showcase your best talent and taste.

Your Interior designer career will boom if you follow this valuable advice.

10.Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is not only a blog but the fastest way to promote yourself and the brand. It is popular with all ages and gender, and you can reach out to more audiences at the end of the day.

If you have your affiliate blog, you can display products from other companies related to your work. The people will buy products you show as they are tried and tested.

Many Commercial interior designers’ salaries in California have trifold through this method as people recreate the designs giving credit to the blog and the owner. So why not take advantage at the earliest of this beautiful opportunity?


Is it worth becoming an interior designer?

People have different ideas and motives when it comes to choosing a career. Most of the crowd is happy with the culture of the traditional job, while others go out of the way and decide to become interior designers.

You will be surprised to know that many interior designers earn more than an average person in California and are on the road to becoming a millionaire.

Revamping and renovating places are always ongoing projects. You will find work if you have advertised yourself properly, no matter if you are on an Entry-level interior designer salary in California.

It is time to use the calculator:

Now that you have all the information necessary to understand how to make money being an interior designer, use it to your advantage. The Interior designer’s salary is quite handsome compared to other workplaces and expert fields in California, so why not become one?

Proper communication and 3D images will help you close good deals, market well, and use all resources by investing in various options. You will be happy to get the results once you enter the field and progress.

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